I’ve been painting and doing projects for a very long time.  One of my new favorite brands of paint is Fusion Mineral Paint.  We sell it in store or you can pick it up here under our paint section.  One of the reasons I like it is just how well it goes on and the coverage is amazing.

I painted this bedroom set in Little Whale.  After painting, I thought it just needed something else.  I am a wax girl!!  I make no bones about it.  Wax is easy…glaze is not!  Well, I decided I have all these products at my fingertips so that led me to try Fusions Clear Glaze with Casement.  I just mixed it up in a glass jar.  It was a one for one ratio.  Umm, it was a dream to use.  It went right on and wiped right back off.  Not too much and not too less.  I used one of my favorite cling on brushes to apply it.

I put the glaze in all the crevices.  I’m a little messy, but that’s ok  It smooths out very nicely.

I find it easiest to use a damp rag to move the glaze around.  The nice thing about this is it is water based so it will all wipe off if you have to much on there.

I finished it off with the tough coat to make a nice flat finish.  Check out all our Fusion Products right here under the paint tab.

As always if you have any questions feel free to drop me an email.  I love helping you create a fabulous piece.