A little backstory and how I got started. We were heading to the Katy Trail to do a little bike riding and just check out the trail. We used to ride a lot before opening a storefront. We had stopped in Clinton, MO at a little restaurant that also sold some antiques. That’s when we found the blue Ball jars and fell in love. We hit up a few other antique stores on the square there. Makes me wonder now if they are still open.

Well, that got the bug started we then started going to auctions. Which if you’ve never gone to an auction…they can be quite exhilarating and fun or possibly stressful. Depending on which way you look at it. At times they can be both for us. Going to these auctions we always ended up with more than we were actually wanting for ourselves. We began looking like hoarders…its possible our garage still looks like that.

One thing we enjoy doing together is flea marketing and antiquing. So what better way to get “rid” of some of the extra treasures we would get.

We hit up a recently reopened antique store. They did a great job changing it from a flea market to more of an antique mall. We connected with the owners and thought that it would be a great place to get a booth. We first started out with just a small space 5x10ish. We quickly expanded to a second one and then a bigger one, then an even bigger one. We had two spaces that were easily the size of a small store.

I’ve always been crafty…even when it wasn’t the cool thing to do. I quickly fell in love with painting furniture. Started carrying chalk type paints and loved the different connections on that end. I felt like we did really well considering the space we had and sales vs rent. We had talked many times
about opening our own store, but we liked having our own time. We were runners, cyclists and a wanna be triathlete (more on that later). So we didn’t want the commitment of being tied down to something.

Fast forward to March 2016 I received an email when we were in Dallas, TX. On this trip, we had been to the Silos, Austin TX, Port Aransas and Dallas. We were “picking/looking for treasures” and just having fun. We had taken our trailer in hopes of bringing some unique pieces back…which we did. We also took our bikes because we all need mental health breaks and cycling does that for us. Just so you know Austin is HILLY! Oops, I digressed in this email I received while in Dallas was from the Antique Store owner giving us our 30-day notice. At first, it took my breath away and I couldn’t believe it was happening. I had literally $1,000s of dollars tied up in paint inventory alone, but to be honest I wasn’t too surprised. The store owner and I had some disagreements in the past. So I shouldn’t have been taken back by the whole situation. It still stung no one wants to be given any kind of notice.

I then moved my inventory to a flea market that didn’t work out. Had some things taken and sales were not good. We did a weekend show and had heard from other vendors they were in similar situations.

I told you earlier we enjoyed running and cycling. Well, there is a strip mall that we always go by. Raymond and I had said that would make a great store for someone. After discussing all this and the situations we have been in. I decided to call the number and just see what the rent would be. Found out it wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be. Raymond said, “looks are free”. So I called the property manager back looked at it on a Wednesday and was signing the lease on Friday. We opened the store on October 18, 2016, and are so glad we did…most days. The days are long and filled with hard work, but the friendships we have made make it all worth it.